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Ben Ford Author of Home Made Energy

Home Made EnergyIf you are going to sink hard-earned money into a program on solar or natural energy, you want at least a little assurance that you are not getting ripped off! Ben Ford is the creator of a revolutionary concept he likes to call Home Made Energy. This ebook presentation takes you through the very same steps he took that eventually led to complete freedom from the electric company, in fact, they sent him a check!

Who is Ben Ford?

Well for starters, he is a consumer just like you who was a slave to the energy markets and whims of fat cat executives. It all started one day when the meter reader popped by to let Ben know the company was going to switch out their meters for improved models. These devices were created to give a more accurate reading of electric consumption and in theory would result in lowered electric bills. Boy, was Ben shocked on the next cycle; his bill had not gone down at all! In fact, it was nearly double the previous month’s readings even though the family had changed nothing.

At this point Ben Ford complained bitterly to the electric company who assured him it was simply a more accurate reading and that he had probably been underpaying for years. He started the process of reducing his electric bills much the same way everyone else does, by becoming hyper vigilant over usage. This however barely netted the family a $20 reduction in costs.
In order to make a significant change in utility costs Ben Ford decided to use his electrician’s knowledge to build his very own solar panels. Through trial and error, he soon created a system that not only cut his cost but actually resulted in the power company sending him a check!

Home Made Energy

It seems the cost of everything is up, gas, food, utilities and rent have skyrocketed which makes is ever more difficult for the average family to stay afloat. Even in homes with two incomes, budgets are stretched to their breaking points. This is but one of the many reasons people just like you are considering solar panel technology.

Have you checked the prices of professionally built and installed solar panel systems? Depending on where you live and your current household electric consumption, you could be looking at costs upwards of $30,000! Ben Ford developed Home Made Energy for people like you who simply do not have that kind of cash lying around!

Final Thoughts

If you have ever considered using solar panels to offset some if not all of your energy costs, Home Made Energy from Ben Ford is a program worth considering. Friends, family members and even technologically illiterate neighbors of Ben have used the information contained in this program to alleviate their own energy crisis. You can too! You can build your own solar panel for less than $200, which is a far cry from the thousands commercial manufacturers are asking.

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