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Ben Miller Releases the Nikola Tesla Secret

Ben MillerDo the words secret and free electricity catch your attention? This is exactly what Ben Miller, author of the Nikola Tesla Secret claims to offer. Of course, if you are like most people who have spent any time at all researching alternative energy sources, you know there are more than a few fraud products on the market. Is this one of those types of products? It is difficult to know without biting the bullet and purchasing the program. Knowing a bit more about the creator of the program can help!

Ben Miller

Who is Ben Miller? There is precious little information about him on the internet, which is in and of itself remarkable. You can generally find information about nearly anyone on the World Wide Web, if you look hard and long enough. What we do know about Ben is that he is an electrical engineer and consumer of electricity who like you has become fed up with rising costs! As an energy specialist, Ben Miller is uniquely qualified to provide this type of information.


Unless you have lived under a rock your entire life, you have at least heard of Tesla, a mechanical and electrical engineer from the early part of the 20th century. He rubbed elbows with fellow inventors such as Thomas Edison and was a close friend of Mark Twain. In other words, this is not some obscure individual most people have never heard of, he lived in this country until his death in the 40’s and held around 300 patents at his death for electrical type devices.

What you may not know about Nikola Tesla was his opinion and theories about electricity. It was his thought that electrical power was present all around us and that machinery could easily be run without a common fuel source such as coal, gasoline, natural gas or oil. Is this perhaps part of the reason all of his secret personal papers were ransacked and seized by the federal government? Possibly, but more importantly than random conspiracy theories is the recent revelations.

Apparently, Nikola Tesla’s ideas have been leaked! Ben Miller presents this information in an informative guide that will show you exactly what you will need to build your own energy-collecting device. Imagine pulling electrical power from the thin air all around you!


If you thought this was just another glowing report, you would be mistaken. As with any program or guide there are going to be a few downsides. When it comes to the Tesla Secret by Ben Miller, the biggest complaint is the complexity of the diagrams. Initially, the average layperson may be a bit lost. In the beginning, you may need some professional guidance.


It works! Is there anything more to say than that? People all across the globe are building Tesla devices to power a myriad of electrical devices. Some have even adapted the technology to create an energy surplus in their homes and receive electric bills on which instead of a balance due have a credit listed! Free energy is a possibility all you need is the right components, a little patience and the Ben Miller Tesla Secret guide.

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